Have you ever thought that when you have some things and achievements, you will be happy? Probably, you have. And there are a lot of people like you. But in reality, external components of success do not satisfy our inner desires. For most of us, true success is equal to happiness. But does success always make you happy? Are you proving something to yourself or someone? If these questions put your mind to it, please, understand one thing: all the outer life problems are caused by ignoring the needs of your inner world.


The state of your inner world, your soul, and your mental health represents the quality of your life and general health. And vice versa. 

Overworking to achieve goals and burning out are familiar to you, and you return to this pattern over and over again, right? You are so busy, so you can’t do things that give you a sense and taste of life and, eventually, happiness, can you? We are used to thinking that such a constant business is a way to prove to the world that we deserve to be loved. But it all ended in disappointment. And thus, in some cases, to a depressive state. It is not just a bad mood. 

If you felt helpless and hopeless, lost appetite, interest in life, life energy, had sleep changes, apathy, and only criticized yourself, maybe you were in a depressive state. In this state, we don't taste and feel life fully. Life becomes a series of 24/7 that we cannot put into a box of happy days. A long-staying in depression without personal conscious actions to get out of this state or asking for help and getting it can lead to the formation of severe mental diseases, illness of the body, and suicidal thoughts.

Undoubtedly, a good life involves effort and willpower. But it does not mean that we need to destroy our well-being to live a decent life. The trick is to learn how to balance effort with ease and work on your life in pleasure.


What to do to avoid unnecessary distress?

First of all, be honest with yourself. How do you want to feel every day? Try to find out whether all the things you do now in your life are worth your time, energy, and well-being? Do these things make you feel how you want to feel?

Your task is to write down the things that make you "sing and dance", from which you get gladness and sense life with its infinite beauty. Specify your values and inner desires. Define what is true happiness and true success for you personally? Please, write it down right now and comprehend your present life.

Then you are to determine what you need to do to have the things that bring you authentic enjoyment and what are valuable for you. Decide specific steps and goals that will help you to create a happy life.

Life is the greatest opportunity to realize your authentic desires. It is the most precious gift. That is why your next step is to act despite fears. Just fall in love in the process of creating the life of your bravest dream. It is not an easy deal, but it is a deal of all your life. 

And finally, remember to ask yourself every morning next questions :

  • What do I choose today: happiness or suffering?
  • What do I want with all my heart? 
  • What are my steps today so that my dreams come true and I live my happy life?

Well-being and mental health are about a sense of happiness and pure gladness. 

What to do to improve your mental health, well-being, and quality of life?

  1. Psychologists recommend taking care of your body. Caring about "the temple of your soul'' means having a well-balanced diet and eating healthy food, having a restful sleep, doing favorite kinds of sports, or just exercising. Resting in nature is a good option also. 
  2. They also emphasize the importance of learning ways to find harmony and peace of mind. You are sure to find such methods that are right for you. 
  3. It is a fact that happy people are attentive and kind to themselves. Therefore, they know how to be kind and attentive to others. Learn to love yourself and the world where you live.
  4. One more key to feeling positive and calm is to keep up your ties with your beloved ones. And do not spend a lot of time with toxic people. So, regularly clean up the circle of communication, appreciate your time and energy.
  5. Be in the never-ending quest for what you like. Let devoting time to your favorite things become your daily habit. It is a great habit!



These tips are essential in keeping a good state of your emotional health.

Remember that the world always loves you for who you are, and the formula works in this way: firstly, you become happy in everyday life and come to love your life, then you will become healthy and truly successful.

Realize how unique You are. Love Yourself unconditionally. Always believe in Yourself. Live Your life consciously and be healthy!

Author: Oksana Krit