Do you want to know how Erasmus students see the exchange in Ukraine? Then, read the interview with Tuğçe Erdurcan. She is 21 years old girl from Turkey, studying Russian Language and Literature. She is here to practice language skills and get to know the culture better.

- If we ask you to describe your exchange in Ukraine in one word, what word would it be?
- Awesome!

- Tell us please a little bit about your university life. 
- Unfortunately, my university life here lasted only three weeks. Then it was online. But I can say that I have faced many challenges with the schedule. I was not able to understand the system, and every morning I just randomly asked people which week it was to understand what classes I was going to have. Our professor wrote it on paper for me many times, but it took me a long time to understand fully.

- Oh, we see. But we hope something good also happened during your semester, right?
- I am in love with the university buildings. And also, the professors here are so friendly. They tried to do everything for me to solve the problems. I also met other international students during the classes, and they also helped me a lot.