ESN Chernivtsi assembly

On 25-25 March, ESN Chernivtsi volunteers held an assembly in Chernivtsi city. Let's take a look back at what happened on those days and read the impressions of those who attended the event.

How does ESN help in difficult times?

Liza is an ESNer and a brave girl who deliberately stays in Kyiv during the war. In the interview, she shared her feelings, experience and heartwarming stories about how to stay strong and how ESN helps her in those difficult times.

Let’s Explore Ukraine: Resources

Such a time has come that there would hardly be a person who would not know about our country — Ukraine, and its place on the world map. We declared ourselves as a strong nation that has its language, its own culture, its history. But how many people know about it?

Hello to all! Many of you have heard about the academic exchanges for students offered by the Erasmus+ Programme. But within the organization, people can also take part in short-term volunteer exchanges.

So, one of our volunteers, Valerii Kholoimov, participated in such a project and spent several weeks in the Georgian town of Bakuriani. It was an Erasmus+Youth exchange, called “Ecopreneurs: Let’s create change”. Do you want to know what Valerii did there or how much it cost him? Then read the interview below.



Do you want to know how Erasmus students see the exchange in Ukraine? Then, read the interview with Tuğçe Erdurcan. She is 21 years old girl from Turkey, studying Russian Language and Literature. She is here to practice language skills and get to know the culture better.

Here it is again, an interview with our volunteer. Today we will get to know Yulia Kononchuk, who has been writing fascinating posts at Communication Department for a year. She studies journalism at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, likes travelling and collecting magazines.


A man doesn't cry.

A man cannot be afraid of spiders.

A man should drive a car.

A man cannot do a manicure!

Man! Man? Man…


Have you ever thought that when you have some things and achievements, you will be happy? Probably, you have. And there are a lot of people like you. But in reality, external components of success do not satisfy our inner desires. For most of us, true success is equal to happiness. But does success always make you happy? Are you proving something to yourself or someone? If these questions put your mind to it, please, understand one thing: all the outer life problems are caused by ignoring the needs of your inner world.

Anya Zelenko is a volunteer at ESN Kyiv for the third year. She had had a great experience as a member of the Event Department. Now, this brave girl is trying herself in a new position as Partnership Manager. At present, she is getting a Master’s degree at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Anya had Erasmus exchange in two European countries – Hungary and Finland. Let’s read our interview and blend in ESN life together!