Anya Zelenko is a volunteer at ESN Kyiv for the third year. She had had a great experience as a member of the Event Department. Now, this brave girl is trying herself in a new position as Partnership Manager. At present, she is getting a Master’s degree at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Anya had Erasmus exchange in two European countries – Hungary and Finland. Let’s read our interview and blend in ESN life together!

- If you had any superpower on Erasmus semester what would it be? 

- As for Hungary, Pesc is the city of hills. Even for me, the person who has done sports almost all my life, it was difficult to reach my home back because of numerous elevations. Moreover, my dorm was on a hill also. Sometimes I even took a taxi. I was thinking all the time: ‘’Dear God, how can I teleport to my dorm bed?’’ So, teleportation is a superpower I would like to have.


- Can you tell us about the personal qualities you developed at ESN Kyiv?

- At that time when l joined ESN Kyiv, I tried to go out of my comfort zone and transform the introvert side of my personality. That was my experiment to live another life. New people, foreign friends, and communication helped me to expand the boundaries of my inner world and worldview in general. It is like a gift from the Universe to have connections with the people who share your values and views on life. So, I opened a lot of great extravert features and I am grateful for this exactly to ESN Kyiv. Moreover, ESN Kyiv is like a part of psychotherapy that helps me make my life more conscious and full of happiness.


- What did you discover about yourself during your volunteering and what is most valuable at ESN Kyiv for you?

- I became more sociable and frank, I studied how to take things in life more easily. I feel how easy I can communicate with people now. At ESN Kyiv I have found my true friends and it happened quite quickly. So, people and community are the most valuable resources I got from our network.