Let’s Explore Ukraine: Resources

Such a time has come that there would hardly be a person who would not know about our country — Ukraine, and its place on the world map. We declared ourselves as a strong nation that has its language, its own culture, its history. But how many people know about it?

To help you discover more about our country, we have found some courses, websites, and videos to learn more about Ukraine. Further in the article, you will find links with a description of the information resources. Read, watch and learn something new!


The online course "Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities"

It covers the period from the Middle Ages to the present of Ukrainian History and Culture. You will understand the causes of the Revolution on Granite, the Orange Revolution, and the Revolution of Dignity (the Maidan Revolution), the consequences of choosing the EU and NATO as Ukraine’s main foreign policy objectives; learn the history of the birth and decline of Kyivan Rus'; read about the emergence of the Cossacks, etc. 
The course is free and available in English, Norwegian, French, and Italian. To take the course, you need to register on the international educational platform Udemy.
The lecturers are leading professors of the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (NaUKMA).


The media project "Ukraїner"

It is the biggest multilingual platform that tells about the most unexpected and authentic places in Ukraine, Ukrainian culture, and Heritage. 

In June 2016, Ukraїner began its work as a media project aimed toward advocates of intellectual mass media, unexpected geographical discoveries, and multiculturalism.

Globalization made many people move to big cities or towns, leaving their ancestral home and family traditions. And what Ukrainer does — rethinking historic and cultural DNA — the ethnic, geographic, and anthropological features — of our native lands. On the site, you can find information about the most remote places and ethnographic regions of Ukraine (like Bessarabia, Bukovyna, etc.) or topics about crafts, ethnic groups, and more.


Short YouTube videos

What Makes Ukrainian Culture Interesting

The video, made by Ukrainian Institute, will show you what is Ukraine in 2 minutes. You will learn about the origins of Ukrainian culture, the art, and its representatives.


"Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities" MOOC on Udemy

In this video, you will quickly learn about the Cossacks and the medieval Ukrainian princess Anna, who became the French queen. Also, you will find out more about Modern Ukraine.


What is the Ukrainian language? • Ukraïner

This video, made by already mentioned Ukraїner, will help you discover more about the Ukrainian language: origin, development, persecution, and the figures who developed our mother tongue.


We hope you will find these resources useful for you and look at our culture from a different perspective! 


Writer: Anastasiia Kutafina