ESN Chernivtsi assembly

On 25-25 March, ESN Chernivtsi volunteers held an assembly in Chernivtsi city. Let's take a look back at what happened on those days and read the impressions of those who attended the event.

During the two-day event, a number of programmes were implemented to strengthen communication between ESN Ukraine volunteers, improve their skills and knowledge, and provide them with practical experience. So, in two days, volunteers from Kyiv and Chernivtsi managed to take part in the Speaking Club, where everyone could practise their English with native speakers; the "What? Where? When?", where participants could show their intellectual abilities and develop teamwork skills; learn more during the presentation by the National Representative about the Ukrainian Voice project, which was aimed at teaching students who go abroad on academic mobility to properly represent our country among foreigners, as well as how to properly organise fundraising events for the needs of Ukraine and the "academic mobility simulation", where everyone had the opportunity to learn more about Erasmus+ exchange programmes, the requirements of the competition and even get practical experience in preparing for mobility.

Many volunteers have many memories and happy moments after this event. Everyone learned something new and useful for themselves. Some of their comments are presented below:

"As a volunteer who has just joined such a large community, this was the best opportunity to unite with the ESN Kyiv family! During this busy weekend, I had a great opportunity to meet new people, gained valuable experience, learnt a lot of new information to promote the Chernivtsi chapter and was happy to communicate with a wonderful guest from Romania! It was an honour for me to introduce him to Ukrainian cuisine and food, and in the last days of the assembly I felt incredibly proud to represent our country. And especially when Mihai liked everything, it was an out-of-this-world feeling."
Tetiana Soloviova, education dep volunteer



"After these two super busy days, I have super pleasant memories, apart from being tired. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet the Kyiv volunteers, they are really the kind of friends you should have, so to speak. Each of them is so unique and talented... It motivates me personally to move on and develop. Plus, I was able to get closer to our volunteers.
The programmes we had: Ukrainian voice, Erasmus simulation... It was really very useful and interesting.
The fact that I was there as an interpreter was again a great experience that I am very happy about."
Anna Romaniuk, com dep volunteer



"Throughout the assembly, I felt a stormy mixture of different emotions - joy, enthusiasm, curiosity and even a little bit of excitement. I have been waiting for this event for a long time and worked hard on its implementation together with other members of the OS team, and frankly, it exceeded all my expectations. It was an incredible opportunity to get to know the volunteers from different sections and the national board. I made a lot of new acquaintances that will form the basis for future cooperation.
The Assembly was an impetus for me to work together productively and inspired me to implement many ideas. It was my first experience of organising such a large-scale event, and I really enjoyed the process.
The content of the event was extremely diverse, which I really liked. The programme included both educational and entertainment activities, which provided a lot of new experiences and knowledge. The Assembly strengthened my connections with other sections and gave me the opportunity to meet new people, which is the biggest value of the event for me."
Viktoriia Matushak, manager of event dep



"It was really very useful and interesting. I especially want to note our atmosphere of students who are ready to develop themselves and improve our country. These were not only meaningful sessions, but also an unforgettable time spent in a circle of like-minded people. I am extremely happy to have been part of the team that organised this Chernivtsi Assembly!"
Daria Beliaieva, manager of partnership dep



To conclude, the Chernivtsi Assembly is a perfect example of this exact kind of events that help volunteers to become closer, improve their skills and give them inspiration for further work. We are proud of the work of our volunteers, who, despite all the difficulties and threats brought to our homeland by the Russian Federation, continue to work tirelessly and promote all the values and causes that ESN constantly emphasises.

Writer: Oksen Datsiuk