Have you just arrived in Ukraine or will you arrive in the next few months? Finding accommodation is something that should be done in advance. If you didn't get the place in the dorm or you simply wish to live in the apartment, try looking through the following links (ads in English):

Also, try looking through some sites that offer ads in Ukrainian/Russian (make sure to ask your buddy for help!) Here's a list of them:

Do you need temporary accommodation for the first few days/weeks, while you wait to find a stable room? Check this out:

Looking for a roommate?


General tips for those who're looking for an apartment:

  • Frauds are quite common when it comes to renting an apartment. If you find an amazing apartment 5 minutes to the city centre for 5,000 UAH - there's a 100% chance something is wrong with it (if it is not a small suburban town). Be careful!
  • Ask for the documents for the apartment. If the owners are not ready to show you the documents for the apartment, better look for some other place.
  • Do the research of the area/district of the apartment you've found. Sometimes commuting can be a time-consuming thing. Keep that in mind!